Viral Video: Amaravati, The Ghost City!

Amaravati is now a ghost city with none ready to invest or take care of it, even though 10 years ago, it was identified to be made the most sustainable city in India.

A video regarding the same is now viral on social media where the narrator takes the viewer through the abandoned place with half-completed buildings and unwired electricity towers, uninstalled sewage pipes and rubble left in the middle of the roads. In a day after this video got lakhs of views.

The 2024 Assembly elections is considered a consensus on Amaravati because the YCP government has been continuously iterating that it would establish three capitals to decentralize power while the opposition TDP alliance has been claiming that it would complete the construction of Amaravati and put Andhra Pradesh on the world map.

But, the YCP said that it would continue with its numerous welfare programmes and focus only on decentralization, for which it would establish three capitals — at Amaravati, Vizag and Kurnool.

Former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu left no stone unturned to make the capital city a reality.

The construction of Amaravati was grounded with the aim of making it the Singapore of India but it did not take shape after the YCP came to power under the leadership of Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The farmers of around 20 villages in between Vijayawada and Guntur made the supreme sacrifice of parting with their land and pooled nearly 35,000 acres after being promised secure and guaranteed compensation by Naidu.

The city was supposed to a greenfield as it is being built from the scratch. For this, Naidu planned nine different types of roads, tapping solar energy copiously and water taxis.

As the city is located near River Krishna, it was also planned that recreational facilities would be arranged in the water to make it a world-class city.

With the results day approaching fast, it has to be seen whether the public preferred construction of Amaravati or the welfare programmes.