2014 – KKR & TDP: Will It Repeat in 2024?

Social media space is a breeding ground for conspiracies and vague theories. One such sentimental theory in the context of the IPL finale has started to trend on social media. 

According to this theory, KKR first won its IPL trophy in 2014 and coincidentally, the Telugu Desam outfit, which was in alliance with BJP and JSP also won the AP election in the same year. 

A decade later, in 2024, KKR again won the IPL, and coincidentally again, the AP elections are held this year. More fittingly, TDP, JSP and BJP are back together again after the split in 2019. Things have aligned perfectly for the alliance again. 

The sentimental theory of TDP+ alliance winning the election the same year as KKR winning IPL is being carried by a small group of TDP+ alliance followers on social media. 

While these theories might keep fans and supporters entertained for the time being, the electoral verdict of AP will be based on the anti-incumbency and manifestos. We will get to know if the sentiment repeats itself again on the 4th of June once the AP polls results are out.