AP Betting Trends: Double Ratio For YCP?

The betting action surrounding the Andhra Pradesh election is said to be nearly on par with the IPL bettings. In this context, the latest reports from Telugu media houses are saying that the stakes are overwhelmingly in favor of the YSR Congress outfit. 

According to a few reports, the stakes have doubled on YSR Congress. Meaning, if someone bets Rs 1 lakh on YCP, he/she would be getting Rs 2 lakh in return if the party wins. 

Usually, in betting terms, the higher the ratio given, the lesser the probability of the event happening. If we take this as a cue, the winds are firmly against the YCP outfit as people are apparently betting heavily against the Jagan-led party.

This report goes on to claim that a few of YCP leaders and even MLA candidates have started to bet on Telugu Desam+ alliance with the intention of recovering their polling investments in the worst case scenario for YCP. 

These bets will hit a new peak once the exit polls are out – which is scheduled for 1 June. Andhra Pradesh politics will hit the top gear again from June 1, once the exit polls are out.

Note: The above content is purely speculative, and we never encourage these unlawful acts.