Varma Betting All His Properties On Pawan

When Pawan Kalyan announced himself as Pithapuram candidate, the local TDP leader SVSN Varma who was nearly confirmed to get the MLA ticket prior to that grew menacing and his group severely protested the JSP chief’s move. However upon the intervention of Chandrababu, the issue subsided and Varma went from opposing Pawan to supporting and even leading his campaign in Pithapuram.

Now that the polling is done and the electoral trends seem to be in favor of Pawan, SVSN Varma sat for an interview and he made a huge statement.

Reacting to the question that Pawan is not confidently saying he would win Pithapuram, Varma replied “I am ready to bet all my properties that Pawan Kalyan would win Pithapuram. If anyone is ready, I am ready with my papers. That is how confident I am. Pawan is not just winning, he is winning big. Anyone who is confident about their win will always remain calm and serene and so is Pawan garu.”

From opposing Pawan’s candidacy from Pithapuram to being ready to bet his properties on Pawan’s win, the character arc of Pithapuram Varma has been a very interesting one.