Digital Payments Back In AP Liquor Stores!

The YSR Congress government was hugely infamous for its liquor policy. While the liquor itself was in question due to the endless supply of fake and contaminated liquor, there was a cash-only enforcement on top of that.

Almost all of the liquor stores in Andhra Pradesh used to have a board that read “digital payments not accepted”. The opposition alleged that the government was making virtually countless unaccounted money through this cash-only system as no one had track of liquor sales.

But now that the YSR Congress government has been uprooted, a major change has been enforced at the liquor stores in AP.

In sharp contrast to the outgoing YCP government, the emergence of the TDP+ alliance has immediately resulted in “No cash. Only digital payments” boards. Thanks to the digital approach, the liquor sales and related transactions can be tracked by the government which will in turn increase transparency which was previously lacking in YCP’s tenure.

Not just this, Chandrababu Naidu has promised to bring back quality liquor in view of the fake liquor market that was pampered by the outgoing government in the last five years which claimed the lives of many people.