Jagan Underestimates Not One But Two PKs

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is usually seen as a very calculated politician. Even his opponents are often taken aback by his sharpness in political strategy. But all his planning and strategies went to shreds as his YCP faced a historic defeat in the 2024 AP election. Of the many factors that led to Jagan’s downfall, his gross underestimation of not one but two PKs can be highlighted.

First PK is Pawan Kalyan. Jagan Mohan Reddy was so very ignorant and dismissive of Pawan Kalyan that he never used to even utter Pawan’s name in his speeches and used to refer to him as “Datta Pautrudu”. It seemed to be that Jagan never even saw Pawan Kalyan as a serious politician. In the end, Pawan Kalyan trumped Jagan big time and led his Janasena to 21/21 MLAs and 2/2 MP seats win while Jagan’s YCP secured 11/175 and 4/25 win respectively.

The other PK is Prashant Kishor who worked with Jagan in 2019. Prashant is identified as a key member of Jagan’s squad in the 2019 election and his body of work helped YCP big time. The very same PK turned against Jagan in 2024 and clearly mentioned Jagan’s downfall is going to be huge. He repeatedly remarked that Jagan thinks giving money to people will fetch him votes but that won’t work. He always predicted a historic defeat for Jagan.

But again, Jagan’s men, including Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy wrote off PK’s comments by saying he is worthless. Jagan himself didn’t appear to take this commentary from Prashant Kishor seriously.

In the end, Jagan grossly underestimated both PKs – Pawan Kalyan and Prashant Kishor. Today’s result is that Pawan Kalyan’s JSP is bigger than YCP in the AP assembly while Prashant Kishor’s prediction turned out to be right again.