Janasena MLAs Begins Work Before Taking Oath

Janasena is one of the political parties that garnered nationwide attention in recent times. Under the leadership of Pawan Kalyan and with the support of TDP and BJP, the party tasted a 100 percent success rate in the recently concluded general elections of Andhra Pradesh. The party secured victory in all the 21 constituencies that they contested in.

Now, even before any of these people’s representatives took their oath, some of them already started executing their responsibilities. From the beginning, the Janasena party projected itself as the voice of the common man and would stand for the rights of the people.

With an agenda to serve the people and look after the welfare of the common man, the party entered the elections. The people trusted them and gifted them victory. Now, as responsible leaders, many of the Janasena MLAs began their work.

Pulaparthi Anjaneyulu, who won as Bhimavaram MLA, has started the Road repair works already. Nadendla Manohar has already been reviewing the Drainage issues in Tenali for the past two days. Even on Sunday yesterday, along with the Municipal Commissioner, he started his work on the ground. On the other hand, Tadepalligudem MLA Bolisetti Srinivas initiated road construction works in Racharla.

Additionally, we hear that 3-4 MLAs from Janasena will be inducted in Chandrababu’s cabinet.