Jagan Posters Removed From Nani’s Office

Kesineni Nani has led an eventful last six months as a lot changed for him in this period. He went from being a firebrand leader to quitting the party and joining YSR Congres. While he vowed to erase TDP in Krishna district, Nani himself ended up losing from his safe and secure Vijayawada MP segment, and that too by a huge majority of 2.8 lakh votes.

After this turbulent period since his joining in the YSR Congress camp, Nani has taken a drastic decision. He announced his retirement from active politics effective immediately.

A day after the announcement, the YSR Congress and Jagan Mohan Reddy posters that were erected at Kesineni Nani’s office, the Kesineni Bhavan are being taken off. The YCP posters at the building are being removed by workers and this is a result of Nani’s decision to step away from politics.

From having TDP posters six months ago, to having Jagan posters till yesterday, the Kesineni Bhavan in Vijayawada has now gone blank with no posters and flexis. It is interesting to see what will be Nani’s future course of action.