Seethakka’s helping Hand To Andhra Adivasis

Congress MLA from Mulugu Seethakka alias Danasari Anasuya needs no introduction. She is always at public service and in this lockdown, she is working hard like no other politician in the country. As represents the most remote constituency, Anasuya is helping the tribals by providing ration and vegetables.

It’s been 50 days, Anasuya has been supporting the tribals and every day she is going to a new village and finally she ended up at Adivasis of Andhra Pradesh. The other day Seethakka walked nearly 10 kilometres to reach Kondareddis in Chintalpadu village of East Godavari. However her help isn’t sufficient and so she brought the plight of Adivasis to the notice of AP CM YS Jagan.

“I Request AP CM @ysjagan Garu to help Adivasi Konda Reddis in Chintur mandal East Godavari district I have delivered them ration by crossing 5 hills worst conditions their because of lock down,” tweeted Seethakka.

Being with Maoists for 11 years, Seethakka knows the problems Adivasis face and she did and is doing everything in her hands irrespective of states and regions. When she is unable to help further, she is taking it to the notice of government and authorities and doing her bit. Even if once the government responds, Seethakka’s call will not go waste.

How many politicians would do this sort of help to common man? We can hardly find such public representatives.