Nimmagadda Is Back As AP Election Commissioner

In a huge blow to AP CM YS Jagan, the AP High Court has squashed the ordinance issued by AP in connection with removing former State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh.

Nearly 13 petitions were filed in connection with this case and the High Court had heard many arguments over the weeks. After thorough examination of all the details, the High Court found fault with AP government and squashed the ordinance that it brought which reduced Election Commissioner tenure.

The High Court said that the state government has no authority to bring an ordinance under Article 213 of Indian constitution. The court also opined that the appointment of Kanagaraj is not valid and Nimmagadda should be take over as State Election Commissioner immediately.

In his first reaction, Nimmagadda said, he will join back his services as per the High Court directions. “It’s the system and constitution that are permanent not the people,” said Nimmagadda.

Further Nimmagadda said he will hold talks with all the political parties in holding the local body elections.