Hyd Pub seized for selling alcohol in lockdown

More than shopping malls and other stores, people especially the men want the wine shops to be opened as part of easing restrictions of lockdown. Many state governments have appealed to the Centre to allow to open wine shops which are a major source of revenue. However, the Centre did not consider this.

But the black market is growing silently in many cities and Hyderabad is no exception. At some parts of the city, alcohol is being sold at double and triple prices. The taskforce police in Hyderabad broke into a pub that was selling alcohol illegally. The pub is identified as Secret Affairs, the police arrested three people selling alcohol.

About 15 Lakh worth wines are seized in the taskforce police raids. The police also found that Secret Affairs pub was seized some time back but it’s owner had opened it without permission of the cops. Last time the pub was seized for hosting a dance show.