Woman Locked Herself, Son For 3 Yrs To Escape Covid

A 33-year-old woman and her 10-year-old son were rescued by police after being locked inside their Gurugram home for three years due to the mother’s fear that her son would die from COVID-19 if he stepped outside.

The woman’s husband approached the police after being unable to enter the home for several months. When the police called the woman, she claimed that she and her son were “absolutely fit”.

However, upon entering the home, the police found the woman in a severely malnourished state, lying on a bed surrounded by piles of garbage and filth.

The child, who had not seen anyone other than his mother for three years, drew and wrote on walls. The woman’s paranoia about COVID-19 led her to keep her son inside, saying she would not let him step out because he would die immediately.

When the police called the woman to the station, they finally convinced her to go to the hospital, and the child was rescued from the apartment.

Both the woman and her son have been admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital in Rohtak for treatment, and the police have registered a case against the woman’s mother and brother.

The incident highlights the urgent need for greater awareness and support for mental health in India, especially during the pandemic. Isolation can have severe effects on mental health, especially for those with pre-existing conditions, and it is crucial that individuals and families seek help and support for mental health issues.