Viral: Plane Gets Stuck Under Bridge In Bihar

A scrap airplane got stuck under a bridge in Bihar’s Motihari, causing a traffic jam on the roads. The locals and truck drivers were able to pull it out.

A plane body was being taken from Mumbai to Assam and got stuck under Piprakothi bridge. The video of the same went viral on social media.

The driver of the vehicle carrying the place appears to have misjudged the underneath height of the overbridge resulting in the plane getting stuck for over an hour. The lorry carrying the plane was safely pulled out by deflating the tyres and it left for its destination.

A similar incident happened in November last year when the body of an airplane got struck on the underpass of a road near Korisapadu in the Bapatla district of Andhra Pradesh. The plane was being shifted from Kochi to Hyderabad.