Lord Ram Was a Non-vegetarian: NCP Leader

Jitendra Awhad
Jitendra Awhad

NCP leader Jitendra Awhad kicked up a storm with his comments on Lord Ram. He said that Lord Ram was never a vegetarian and even reasoned that Lord Ram couldn’t live in the jungle for 14 long years by being a vegetarian.

Ahead of the consecration of Lord Ram’s idol on January 22, Awhad’s comments drew severe criticism.

The BJP demanded that January 22 should be declared a dry day and also that all non-vegetarian food should be banned.

But, the NCP leader (Sharad Pawar faction) said that Lord Rama was a Bahujan, a non-vegetarian and a hunter. He wondered why were people considering his statement controversial. Ram is a Kshatriya and can eat non-vegetarian. He said he was committed to his remarks.

“We forget everything in politics. Ram is ours. Of Bahujans. Who used to hunt to eat… Ram was never a vegetarian. He was a non-vegetarian. How can a man who lived in jungle for 14 years remain a vegetarian,” Awhad said.

However, Ram Bhakts took exception to his statement and demanded his immediate arrest.

BJP MLA Ram Kadam said if Balasaheb Thackeray would have been alive, Shiv Sena’s Saamana newspaper would have lambasted Awhad’s Ram non-vegetarian remark.

“But the Uddhav Sena does not care even if somebody makes fun of the Hindus. They are indifferent, as cold as ice. But when election comes, they will talk about Hindutva..” Ram Kadam tweeted on Thursday.

Peeved over the non-vegetarian remarks, devotees of Lord Ram across the country demanded that he should withdraw his comments and tender an aplogy. They said that Awhad’s statements were hurting their sentiments.