Food Safety Raids At Hyd Restaurants Reveal Shocking Facts

A task force from the Commissioner of Food Safety office conducted raids and inspections at several restaurants and food places in Hyderabad. In the shocking details, many of them were found using expired raw materials and stored in unhygienic places.

Surprisingly, the restaurants that are not following the food safety guidelines include, Labonel Fine Baking, Baskin Robbins Banjara Hills, Kritunga – The Palegar’s Cuisine, KFC (Yum Restaurant India Pvt. Ltd.), Master Chef Restaurant, Hotel Sai Brundavan Pure Veg, Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Shah Ghouse, Kamat Hotel, Hotel Sukha Sagara Veg Restaurant, Ratnadeep Retail Store, Jumbo King Burgers, KFC, 36 Downtown Brew Pub, Makau Kitchen and Bar, Naturals Icecream, Clove Vegetarian Fine Dine, Creamstone Outlet, Bilal Ice Cream, Karachi Bakery, Firefly Restaurant, Taco Bell.

The FBO also inspected Manam Chocolate Karkhana and it was found to be complying with FSSAI Regulations.

These raids have been going on for a while and the Commissioner of Food Safety’s official Twitter handle mentioned all the details about which food place is now following the safety regulations and how.

From using expired items stored in refrigerators to preparing food without gloves, hair caps, and medical fitness certificates, from open dustbins to synthetic food colors, from maida infested with black beetles to cooking at open drains, there are many restaurants that have not been following the food safety.

There are hundreds of restaurants in each area of Hyderabad and almost every place is super busy on weekends. It looks like the people who have been eating the outside food for a while need to stop and check if they are eating hygienic food.