Bengaluru Rave Party: Hema Tests Positive In Drug Test?

Bengaluru’s Rave Party has created a sensation in Telugu states and Karnataka circles. The consumption of drugs has been the biggest outcome of the party. Although the police officials have hidden the details of the attendees of the party, the media is speculating different theories on the same.

As per the latest reports in the media, there are some interesting developments in the case. The Narcotics team reportedly collected the samples of close to 150 members who attended the party. The investigations revealed that drug traces were found in 59 men and 27 women who attended the party.

A total of 86 members are identified as positive for consuming drugs. Some media reports reveal that Telugu actress Hema also tested positive for the consumption of drugs. If it is true, she will be called for counseling. Bengaluru police officials also plan to send notices to all these members.

On the other hand, actress Hema is trying to convey that she has not attended any such party and is busy with her other works. More details will be followed.