Emotional Pic: Doctor’s quick meetup with family

With the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, doctors have stood as real heroes who are working round the clock, in helping infected people. The sedulous efforts they put in treating patients also leave them at higher risk of contracting the deadly infection. Moreover, their psychological burden is unimaginably high as doctors have even stopped meeting families in order to avoid harming their loved ones.

In a similar situation, a picture of Dr Sudhir Dehariya, a chief Medical Health officer from Bhopal, is going viral on the internet and the picture has been receiving salutes and praises in abundance. The image shows Doctor Dehariya sitting outside the gate of his residence and his wife, along with their two sons, standing inside the gate. It is said that Dehariya came to meet his family after working at a stretch for five long days in isolation ward, without a break.

He is also seen having a warm cup of coffee made by his wife, however, the distance he maintained from his loved ones, is indeed distressing. In spite of meeting his family after a whopping five days, the doctor chose to self-isolate and constrained himself from hugging his beloved ones. With the worry of carrying the virus to his home, the doctor took precautionary measures and this gesture is getting huge applause across the nation.