Flight Tickets To US Three Times Costlier

India is in a crisis situation due to the second wave of Covid-19 and it has impacted international travel. Already countries like the UK, Germany, UAE, New Zealand, Canada and others have imposed ban/restrictions on Indian travellers and joining them is the US. Though the United States did not bring any ban, the Biden led government has suggested travel only at high importance.

With the US government giving advice, the demand for flight tickets have gone up remarkably. Worrying that if the situation in India seriously slips out of the hands, then the US will certainly ban the flights and techies are in a rush to book their tickets. This has resulted in a demand and the prices of flight tickets have folded by three times.

Generally the economy class ticket would cost around Rs 50,000 and now the prices are starting at Rs 1.5 Lakh. Since the outbreak of the virus, the flights to the US have been very limited and that too with prior approvals from both the nations and their aviation authorities. So airlines are cashing this mad rush for tickets but none are offering any discount. Tough times come with a heavy price, they say and it’s turning out to be true.