After Floating Bodies In Ganga, More Bodies Found Buried In Sand

Tens of dead bodies found floating on the river Ganga in Bihar and eastern UP the other day. Now in yet another shocking update, there were multiple bodies found buried under the sand at two locations by river Ganga in UP’s Unnao district.

While there is no confirmation if these bodies were of Covid patients, the officials are trying to find more information on this. The district magistrate Ravindra Kumar told the media that some people do not burn the bodies, but bury them in the sand by the river.

Two days back, many dead bodies washed up on the banks of Ganga near UP’s Ghazipur. There were multiple arguments that these belong to Covid patients and lack of wood for funeral pyres might have forced the relatives to abandon the bodies.

Many others argue that these dead bodies are linked to the deaths of Covid but not made to official figures.