Novavax Reports 90% Efficacy: Serum to Launch It In India

India has a limited number of Covid-19 vaccines available and soon the Serum Institute of India (SII) might roll out another vaccine later this year. Named Novavax, this American biotechnology company developed a vaccine that has 90.4 percent efficiency.

In the phase 3 trials conducted in the US and Mexico, the performance of Novavax performance was very encouraging. About 29,960 people in both the countries received the vaccine and it showed the ability to bring down symptomatic Covid-19 cases by more than 90 per cent that is equal to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. But the authorities in the US are dodging over its emergency approval.

Under these circumstances, the Maryland-headquartered company has partnered with Pune’s Serum Institute and is ready to conduct trials on children too. Novavax is named as Covovax in India and is in advanced stages of Phase 2/3. If the trials turn successful, SII is likely to seek its approval for emergency usage and India might be the first country to launch this vaccine.

According to sources, Covovax is likely to manufacture 20 crore vaccines from September to December. This would be a great deal and Indian government should seriously consider keeping in view of vaccine shortage.