Hydroxychloroquine: No Benefits & High Death Rate?

US President Donald Trump has advertised boastfully of Hydroxychloroquine as a potential drug and cure for COVID-19 for many days, but now a study proves the opposite.

The patients who were administered the medicine also were needed mechanical ventilation and had higher death rates compared to the patients who were not given the drug. A study by US Veterans Health Administration medical centers, on hundreds of patients.

In their study on 368 patients, 97 with Hydroxychloroquine usage had a 27.8 percent death rate and 158 patients who were not given the drug had an 11.4 percent death rate.

Reportedly, a French study also found that hydroxychloroquine is not helping patients with coronavirus. The French study found that some patients who used the drug developed abnormal heart rhythms.

The study found no evidence on usage of hydroxychloroquine with or without the combination of azithromycin reduced the risk of mechanical ventilation in patients. While the drug used for Malaria, Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis cure is touted by Trump as a miracle drug for coronavirus, neither CDC nor WHO approved it all along.