Not Just In India, Covidiots Are Around The World

Already the whole world is witnessing a spike in COVID-19 cases, while there are half the people who are trying to prove their foolishness. Say it lack of awareness or callous attitude, people are trying to break the lockdown but failing to break the corona chain. If you think that police beating lockdown violators or people trying to rush to supermarkets and gather together is limited to India, you’re wrong.

There are fools all over the world who are not taking the lockdown seriously. For example in the UK where there are 14,500+ positive tested cases and 750+ deaths so far, lockdown are imposed in many cities including London, Manchester and Portsmouth. However, some youths are seen enjoying a pizza together in the parks, sunbathing in the beaches and enjoying their social life. Despite the fact that protection forces are trying to disrupt them, they are violating the code somewhere or the other.

Same is the case in USA as well where some people are still enjoying their spring break festivals and others. The scene in Indian needs no explanation as popular super markets in upmarket Banjara Hills area are rushed by people who are wearing masks but maintains no social distancing.