I Never Talk About My Films Openings: Venkatesh

Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Anil Ravipudi and Dil Raju combo is back with the franchise of the blockbuster F2. The movie F3 is due for release in two more days. Venkatesh has been aggressively promoting F3 and he’s been giving a slew of interviews. What’s more, he has become more proactive during the publicity events. Ahead of the film’s release, we have a one-on-one interview with him. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

What do you say about Anil Ravipudi’s statement that you keep aside your stardom while doing comedy scenes?
I always love comedy. Once an actor gets into the character, the script needs expressions and body language. I never carry the tag of a hero or a star.

Was it cakewalk for you to play an entertaining character, after intense roles in Naarappa and Drushyam 2?
Those were intense films. Drushyam got its own pressure for the actor to get the output of the original. Naarappa was very intense for me and I loved that character. I badly wanted to do the character. Unfortunately, we had to go for OTT release. When it comes to comedy, I become a different person altogether.

Your fans and families missed watching your movie in theatres for 2 long years, what do you say?
The kick it gives when you watch films with non-stop entertainment along with huge crowd can’t be described in words. It’s pleasurable to watch entertainers with friends and family.

What do you say about the theme of the movie?
Everybody wants to make a big buck very fast and everybody has their own dreams. When trying new things, they go through lots of problems. So, that’s quite natural. It’s in human behavior, though we know nothing comes fast and easy in the wrong way. You have to learn the lesson and try to change yourselves. If you don’t change, you will go through the same problems again and again.

What spark did you find in Anil?
He writes simple and casual dialogues which give scope for natural performances for actors. I just go and do it and we can always improvise in dubbing. Anil is always energetic. We both are crazy guys. He indeed wants me to be like that. I’ve known him for a long time, when he was working as a writer.

How relatable this character to your real persona?
I’m completely opposite to my character in F3.

Who’s your comedy guru?
I’m a very keen observer. Whenever I travel, I notice people a lot. We’ve great comedians and I take something from everyone.

Do you improvise your scenes?
I totally improvise by using different voices in the dubbing. The voice alone generates fun, though we don’t do much. So, I like to use different tones.

How was it working with Varun Tej?
Varun Tej is a wonderful co-star. He did his best to generate lots of fun with his mannerisms and all.

Is this solely because it is sequel of F2, or any other aspect that got you on board for F3?
I always tell one thing that people need to identify with characters. Lots of people got connected to the point of misunderstandings between wife and husband in F2. I indeed want something which people will identify, then only it will reach the wider audience. Everyone has that little greediness, so F3 will connect to lots of people.

The importance that you give to money in your real life?
If you work hard and if you have good habits, what has to come will come to you. And at that time, you should just take what it comes and you should not ask for more and more. I’m sure the universe will give you only what you deserve. Don’t refuse anything what comes from God, but don’t keep asking too much because there are enough people, he has to take care. Money is not the only thing that is important in life. But we need to work hard to earn it.

F2 was a commercial hit. How bigger hit F3 is going to be?
I will never talk about collections and the scale of success. But I can assure you that F3 has got much more humor than F2 with fresh kind of episodes from the beginning.

You’re entering OTT space. Is that a conscious decision?
Rana had approached me as Neflix was very keen on having me on that show. It’s going to be different combination. Nobody from the south has really gone to make a Hindi series.My character is going to be quite crazy.

Do you involve in budget and other aspects of filmmaking?
I’ve never been the number guy from beginning. But I always wish producer make some money. I don’t like wastage while making filmms.

Do you have plans of doing Pan India movies?
For me, it’s only business. If a movie is capable, it will have Pan India release. It depends on what kind of film you are doing. I didn’t think much about it.

If given an opportunity, would you get into hosting for a TV show?
I’ve been approached many times. I’m a kind of person that I’m comfortable doing single takes. But that’s not the thing with hosting. So, I’m not really comfortable hosting TV shows.

Would you do biopic on your dad, what’s your dream project?
I’m okay to do my dad’s biopic, if good script comes my way. I had plans to do Swamy Vivekananda’s biopic. But things didn’t materialize.

How was it working with so many actors in the movie?
These kinds of films need to have the teamwork, then only every scene is elevated and audience too will love the energy throughout. There is never a moment that is dull in this film.

What are your next projects?
I’ve signed films for Sitara Entertainments and Mythri Movie Makers.