Here Is Why Pawan Is Just Like Any Other Politician

Since the launch of Janasena Party, apart from his blind followers, Pawan Kalyan has hardly managed to win the trust of neutrals. Pawan’s half-hearted approach and insincerity in solving people’s issues and political crises is the main reason behind this lack of support for Pawan’s political stint.

Adding to this, Pawan’s confusing politics, where he changes his political colours from yellow to red and now to saffron within a span of just 3, 4 years has made everyone see the actor-politician as just another opportunistic politician. The latest example is Pawan’s stand on the Vizag Steel Plant privatisation issue.

On October 31st, Pawan took part in the Steel Plant employees’ agitation and gave a powerful speech amidst thousands of employees and fans. But leaving everyone surprised, Pawan didn’t utter even a single word against the Narendra Modi-led central government for its decision to disinvest the Steel Plant. Instead, Pawan went all guns blazing against the YS Jagan sarkar.

In a laughable move, Pawan gave a week’s time to Jagan sarkar to form a committee and raise its voice against Steel Plant privatisation. Now, it’s been exactly 2 weeks since Pawan’s deadline has passed. While Jagan and Co took Pawan lightly as usual, even the Janasenani himself has conveniently forgotten his deadline and is busy with film shootings.

This once again proves that Pawan’s fiery and agressive speeches don’t reflect his political stands. Starting from the AP Special Status issue to Amaravati farmers’ agitation, there’s hardly a single issue that Pawan fought for until the end and found solution to. If Pawan continues this lackadaisical political journey, apart from his irrational fans, no one else will take him seriously in the coming days.