Why Do Hotties Grouse On South After Going To Mumbai?

Many heroines who enjoy a phenomenal following in Hyderabad and Chennai, often finish their run here and during that dry spell find some offers in Mumbai, and then start calling Tollywood names. This is not the first time, but the Raashi Khanna episode is not at all convincing fans of Telugu cinema.

Hottie Raashi Khanna complained to Bollywood portals that she got body-shamed down south and revealed that people called her a ‘gas tanker’, and later she turned out to be a fit girl. Usually many get criticized for all the good deeds they do and in the cinema world, with glamorous looks (even for heroes) being the golden rule to survive, definitely, there will be some sort of criticism. However, Raashi was always referred to as ‘chubby’ beauty but none called her a gas cylinder as she mentioned if the news in the public domain is anything to go by.

If we look into the recent past, Tamannaah felt very awkward to say that she is being called as ‘milky beauty’ by South Indians. That was during the promotions of her film Himmatwala, but after that film flopped, the hot lady has to return to South to continue her career. Even Radhika Apte made similar comments, while many other heroines followed.

After settling down in the Telugu industry, buying flats and villas in Hyderabad, making the most of the money of their careers from here, one wonders what makes these heroines speak ill about the industry that made them what they are today. The usual thing that is happening right now is, these heroines express grouse on the south once they land in a Mumbai offer, and if that fails to click, they come back.