What Is Kollywood Saying About Rajamouli?

Rajamouli’s magnum opus “RRR” has released other day and the verdict from the audiences is that it is a blockbuster of epic proportions. Everyone loved the way Rajamouli has crafted the characters of Ram Charan and NTR, only to set up a friendship, confrontation and reunion between them. While Bollywood is hailing Rajamouli, what has Kollywood to say about it.

Other day, star director S Shankar, who was actually the Rajamouli of the 90s, has stated that RRR director is “Maharajamouli”. He went on to expand RRR as ravishing, riveting and robust. “A Roar that’ll echo throughout times. Thanks to the whole team for an unparalleled experience. Charan has raging Performance & Screen presence. Tarak’s Radiant Bheem captivates your heart. Ur imagination stays undefeated, hats off “MahaRaja”mouli”, tweeted Shankar, after watching RRR.

At the same time, young directors like Atlee are also heaping huge applause on this magnum opus. He stated that the film is a mass entertainer with top notch efforts from everyone. While he credited NTR for his mass and wild acts, praised Charan for the mass and stylish act.