‘Kangana Ranaut’ Is Equal To ‘Karan Johar’

In the wake of Kangana Ranaut’s harsh comments on Karan Johar and other actresses like Taapsee Pannu, Twitterati has divided into groups, as they keep on attacking the actress, while some support her. And with film critic Rajeev Masand called for questioning regarding Sushant Rajput’s suicide case, now a gang of netizens are firing on Kangana.

Responding on that, some alleged that Kangana is no divine and she is also an equal of Karan Johar when it comes to encouraging nepotism. Because she made her sister as her manager and PR in the first place. Also, an old interview of Kangana is trending where she answered about why she cut the roles of Sonu Sood and Atul Kulkarni in Manikarnika remake. Back then, she said, “Being a director, I can’t keep chota mota actors in my film and as a director its my prerogative to decide on roles of actors during editing”.

Netizens say, if Kangana (as a director) could chop roles, then Karan Johar as a producer could choose the persons he like as his actors and actress. “If Karan is bannerman of nepotism, so is Kangana. They are equal”, some comment.