Daughters Ready To Sizzle But Still Lack Offers

They come from one of the popular families of Tollywood and recently changed their stance in the industry. While they thought that their family image will help them big to catch offers as leading ladies, things are not that easy to catch offers here. And now, they have lifted up their glamour gates too, giving various hints through some steamy photoshoots, but still, they are lacking offers. Why so?

Apparently, a talk already got spread in the film industry that it is not that easy to handle these hot daughters. Whenever they are doing a film, they are said to be involving the craft of direction and cinematography too much. It is rumored that they will be giving lots of advice to the director and even directing scenes themselves when their other family members turn up on the sets. This fingering attitude is said to be scaring even big directors of Telugu cinema to give a break to these ladies.

Though these beautiful heroines are grabbing a film now and then, they are all just low-budgeted films that require a miracle to work at the box office. Only if such a miracle happens, they might get offers from big directors as well.