Puri Breaks Silence After Liger Disaster

The result of ‘Liger’ has left director Puri Jagannath heavily bruised. The emotive and insightful podcasts that come from Puri’s intellectual brain have become silent, for a time being. Surprisingly, he is back with his podcasts with title ‘Tadka’ adding a new flavour to his philosophy of rendering discourses.

Puri’s musings are often laced with so much intrigue and imagination about life. His podcasts attracted a special legion of fans, apart from the fans that he bagged all these years in Tollywood.

But, during the making of ‘Liger’, everyone assumed that director Puri would incorporate all his skills into the script. His unique narrative of twists in the tale, punch dialogues and unexpected u-turns in the story. But none had worked. ‘Liger’ dashed all the hopes of fans as it touched the brink. Left heavy losses to producers and buyers. Fans shook their heads in disbelief at how Puri made such an outdated film. Some ridiculed him saying he could only render philosophy online but can’t make films.

But after the tussle with buyers and Enforcement Directorate’s involvement in the matter – gave an impression that Puri would also stop his podcasts forever. To everyone’s surprise, Puri started afresh with a new title ‘Tadka’.

Stating that Tadka is nothing but adding a flavour to a recipe, Puri said everyman does it while he tried to give a distinguished picture of various behaviours of individuals. Probably this trait of Puri rising from nothing has earned him fans outside the film industry.