#NaatuNaatu: Rajamouli’s Notes For Hollywood Folks

For the Indian fans, the emotion of seeing Charan and Tarak together on the dance floor is enough, but then, legendary Rajamouli must have thought that the Hollywood audience needs more of the song, such that they will get the maximum kick out of it. And for the Hollywood magazine Vanity Fair, he decoded the whole of the song, which is of course known to Indian audiences.

In his special video, Rajamouli explained how the story of the song has actually impressed the audience rather than just the dance and details. “In fact, Naatu Naatu summarises the whole story of RRR. First, we unite to fight against the British, then we fight amongst ourselves for our own reasons. That’s the total story”, said Rajamouli, adding that Naatu Naatu is actually a fight sequence conceived like a dance scene.

He hailed Prem Rakshit for coming up with some crazy dance moves and composing the choreography as per the costumes of the lead actors. “We thought of doing a scene there, that’s why we gave those costumes with suspenders to Tarak and Charan. But as we did the dance sequence, Prem came up with the idea of using them as a prop for the dance moves. And that’s the best sequence in the song” he added.

Also, Rajamouli praised the background dancers and musicians who stood in the song for their perfection. He hailed the Ukrainian authorities for letting them shoot right in front of the Presidential palace. He then had a word to say about Chandrabose lyrics. “Naatu Naatu has these crispy lyrics that even foreigners are singing though they don’t know the language. Thanks to Chandrabose for such wonderful writing”, Rajamouli says.

Well, right before the Oscars Ceremony, watching the director breaking down the song and giving notes is really awesome.