Pawan Kalyan’s First Insta Post: The Bond And Memories

Pawan Kalyan’s entry on Instagram was a sensation. The actor-turned-politician garnered 2.4 million followers without a single post from his account. Finally, he came up with a post, the first one but it connects and is sure to bring a smile to many faces.

Pawan posted, ‘Memories to cherish forever – Grateful to be a part of Film industry and work alongside so many talented and humble personalities’, where he gave a ride into the past with pictures of himself with many talented people from the film Industry.

The first slide has pictures of Pawan Kalyan with Chiru, Balayya, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, and Venkatesh. The slides following have other superstar heroes, younger-gen actors, comedians, legendary producers and directors, lyricists, and many more.

The fans are having the best time as they observe the picture keenly and recall where the moment was captured. Many were seen commenting about Pawan Kalyan’s great gesture in cherishing the bond he has with all the people.

The post starts with Pawan Kalyan’s picture from Kushi and that itself is greatly amusing the fans.