Shouts For Bigg Boss Girl In Bhagawant Kesari Theatres

Sometimes you never know who gets to fame before the film gets released and who will shoot to fame while a film is in the process of a release. That’s what happened with this Bigg Boss fame contestant who would have otherwise been recognised for the small role she has played in Nandamuri Balakrishna’s today-released film Bhagawant Kesari.

She is none other than already eliminated ongoing Bigg Boss Telugu reality show contestant Rathika Rose. She has done a small role of a Minister in Bhagawant Kesari, where along with other seasoned actors tried to bring some laughs as a lady minister who speaks only in English. Actually, that character sounded like a satire aimed at some ruling party folks. But then, when Rathika Rose appeared, some people are whistling and shouting ‘Bigg Boss Beauty’, showcasing the power of the show actually.

Well, if there was no Bigg Boss for her, surely people wouldn’t have identified her though she has done 2-3 films already. And at the same time, after Bigg Boss popularity, people expected a bit of a lengthy role for her other than these two scenes. Anyway, it looks like Rathika will now cash on this craze.