True Lover Teaser: Another Baby In Making?

Manikandan of Kabali fame recently scored a big hit with the film Good Night. Now, he is back again with an interesting project titled Lover. The film is getting dubbed into Telugu with the title True Lover. The film unit launched the teaser of the Telugu version, which gives us hints of an intense love story targeted at youth.

The film tells the tale of the love of leads played by Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya. Gouri Priya is known to Telugu audiences for her work in Mail, Modern Love: Chennai, and the recent successful film Mad. The young heroine plays a substantial role in the film.

The tale of love between the leads undergoes multiple twists and turns after the initial honeymoon phase. The story gets intense, with hatred developing between them. The story raises curiosity for its plot which is relatable and the performances are expected to be a major highlight.

From whatever little we have seen, the film has got all the potential to become another ‘Baby’ in terms of the result at the box office. If the film manages to draw good openings, there will be no looking back for the film.

Produced by Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian, Yuvaraj Ganesan, the film is directed by Prabhuram Vyas. Sean Roldan is the music director. Maruthi Cinema is bringing the film to Telugu, under the supervision of SKN and Maruthi.