Arey Wah Netflix!

Netflix is the undisputed number-one streaming giant in the world, and we can also confirm that it’s the leading streaming service in India. Because of the quality of content that the platform delivers and the rate of success that it has, Netflix is always the top preferred platform by the movie buffs. Now, the domination of Netflix in Tollywood has become a matter of concern for other streaming services.

Until recently, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar have been the frontrunners to grab the digital streaming rights of the Telugu movies. All of a sudden, Netflix’s emergence shocked everyone. From the Covid time to recent times, Netflix displayed its slow and steady approach in bagging the digital rights of films. But, they seem to have chalked out a strategy and started their domination with huge investments.

At the moment, Netflix is displaying sheer dominance with the films Salaar, Animal and Guntur Kaaram. All three movies were released on OTT in less time. The viewership of the platform is growing along with the subscriber base. Sometime back, Amazon Prime Video showed this domination but it took the back seat.

Netflix’s CEO has personally visited the star heroes of the Telugu film industry in his last visit to Hyderabad. It could have been a strategy to attract their films and divert toward their platform. It looks like the strategy is working.

Now, withstanding a huge competition, Netflix grabbed Devara and Pushpa: The Rule. Some more biggies are also on Netflix’s list currently.