Producers Council Condemns Payal Rajput’s Statement!

Magalavaram fame actress Payal Rajput tweeted saying that she needs justice as a producer is not willing to stall the release of a delayed film and also going ahead with promotions without her willingness. However, The Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) is upset with actress Payal Rajput for not promoting the movie “Rakshana” as agreed.

In fact, the director-producer of Rakshana, Prandeep Thakore, complained that Payal refused to help promote the film, causing potentially financial losses. Despite efforts to resolve the issue, her actions have led to tensions between the parties involved.

As per the producer, her manager’s unprofessional behaviour has made the situation worse. The producer informed to the manager that as per the agreement, Payal Rajput should attend the promotion meets of the film and Producer shall pay the balance remuneration amount of Rs 6 lakhs. But he reportedly informed that she will not attend the promotion meets as the film is four years old.

TFCC and TFPC in its press note mentioned despite attempts to talk to Payal and her team, they have not been cooperative. While the actress accused the industry of trying to ban her, the TFPC strongly disagrees.

Just in case Payal won’t come down, we have to see what decision the Council would take against her. Meanwhile, she’s not even a member of Tollywood’s Movie Artists Association too!