When Prabhas Said Why He’s Not Getting Married

Other day at the launch of “Bujji” into the world, the lead man of “Kalki 2898 AD”, Superstar Prabhas not only pushed his fans into euphoria but also gave those earlier ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr Perfect’ like moments for his female fanbase too. Especially when he quipped about his marriage, surely it burst everyone into laughs, but the one who has a crush on him blushes. 

Hosting the evening, anchor Suma nailed it with her usual punches, and this time she told Prabhas how the actor shocked his fans after sharing a story on Instagram that he would introduce someone coming into his world very soon. Suma joked that all the fans felt like Prabhas is introducing his life partner and added that female-fans got their hearts broken. Prabhas is quick to say, “Vallandaru feel avutaru ane.. Cheskole”, making the girls blush big time. 

Well, the topic of Prabhas marriage turned out to be as old as Prabhas’ film career at the moment, and it looks like the pan-India Superstar is not even thinking about it at the moment. Though names like Anushka Shetty and Kriti Sanon are linked to him, Prabhas always maintained that they are good friends, and that turns out to be true.