GOG Trailer – Solid Gangster Drama From Vishwaksen

Vishwaksen starrer Ganga of Godavari is one of the most highly anticipated films in recent times, with a film schedule to be released on May 31, 2024. The makers of the film released the trailer, which has blockbuster elements written all over it.

The trailer introduces a voiceover about three types of people and the character of Vishweksen in the film. The film seems to be a commercial gangster drama with a lot of trouble and a lot of drama. Vishweksan seems to be playing a gangster who starts a gang war. The trailer also showcases power struggle between Gangs.

Neha Shetty’s presence in the film has added a glamor touch. The pairing of Vishwaksen and actress Neha Shetty looks refreshing. The trailer is technically sound. The presence of seasoned actors also adds more weight to the film. The trailer also has some cuss words but they all depict the characters in the world of the film. The visuals add more depth to the story.

The director and writer Krishna Chaitanya has come up with an interesting premise in the backdrop of Godavari and the period touch to it elevated the film more. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is an added advantage for the film.

Despite multiple postponements, the film is now gearing up for a grand release on May 31, 2024, and everyone involved in the film is very confident about the film becoming a blockbuster. Let’s see whether the film impresses the audience on May 31st or not.