Sooseki Couple Song From Pushpa 2

Sooseki, the second single from Pushpa: The Rule, came out on Tuesday. This romantic melody is in stark contrast to the rousing Pushpa Pushpa, the film’s first released single.

While Pushpa Pushpa’s music video was designed in the usual style of lyrical videos, featuring a combination of animated storytelling and BTS footage, Sooseki takes a new route, by presenting an entire lyrical video with footage of the film’s cast and crew rehearsing for the dance number.

Sooseki describes Srivalli’s admiration for Pushpa Raj. This soft and loving composition is in a way a spiritual successor of Pushpa 1’s Srivalli song, which has Pushpa crooning about his love for Srivalli.

Usually, we see some B-roll, behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes from the song edited into a lyrical video. With Sooseki though, we get to see the actors and the background dancers rehearsing for the song in their sweatpants, while interacting with each other.

We do get a glimpse of Sooseki’s hook step here, but the makers of Pushpa decided to hide the costumes and backdrop, thus adding an element of mystery towards the song. The video also shows camaraderie between choreographer Ganesh Acharya and director Sukumar, along with Rashmika and Allu Arjun cracking up on the sets.

Multiple language versions of Sooseki were released simultaneously. Sooseki is called Soodana in Tamil, Angaaron in Hindi, Nodoka in Kannada, Kandaalo in Malayalam and Aaguner in Bengali. Unlike other songs of Pushpa, which were sung by a different singer for each language, all versions of Sooseki were sung by Shreya Ghoshal.