Will Never Work With Harish Shankar Again: Bandla

The indirect war of words between Harish Shankar and Bandla Ganesh is not going to end that quickly. It all started when Harish Shankar forgot to tag Bandla Ganesh on Twitter, during the 8 years celebrations of Gabbar Singh release. When Bandla Ganesh said he gave a chance to Harish Shankar with Gabbar Singh, Harish Shankar tweeted that Bandla was not the actual producer at all.

In his latest walk and talk interview with a news channel, Bandla Ganesh made it loud and clear that he never wants to produce a film in Harish Shankar’s direction. When asked about the heated exchange of harsh comments, Bandla downplayed it as a simple argument which is anything like a sibling fight. But when asked about thoughts of associating with Harish Shankar in the near future, Bandla Ganesh took no time to reply with a big ‘No’, saying that one film was enough.

When asked about how his comeback to acting after 8 years, Bandla said he is not that interested in acting like he is with producing films. Bandla Ganesh further said he wants to get back on track to produce more films every year on his banner.

Bandla ruled out the option of putting his money in web films and OTT releases just for the sake of earning money, but he said he wants the kick, fame, and name that he believes he would get only by making movies for the big screen. Bandla once again said the usual what he always says about Pawan Kalyan.