‘Resting in peace at home’, Singer Condemns Death Rumours

Popular Singer Lucky Ali now joined the list of social media death hoax victims. Recently, rumors spread on social media platforms stating that Lucky Ali has passed away due to COVID-19. Finally, the singer had to make a public announcement about his health and asked his fans not to worry.

“Hi everyone. Just addressing the rumors. I am alive and well at resting in peace at home. Haha. Hope you all are staying in and staying safe. May God protect us all during this devastating time,” wrote Lucky Ali on his social media profile.

Earlier, his friend Nafisa Ali also refuted the rumors by stating, “I chatted with Lucky Ali two-three times today. He is fine. He does not have COVID-19. In fact, he has antibodies. He is busy planning his music and concerts. We were talking about virtual concerts happening and all such things. He is on his farm in Bengaluru and his family is there with him. I just spoke to him, everybody is fine.”

Lucky Ali has been staying away from the limelight for the last few years. Last year, a video clip of him singing ‘O Sanam’ in Goa went viral on social media. Everyone went on a nostalgic trip with his soulful voice.