Movie Review: Her Chapter 1


  |   Action, Thriller   |   21-07-2023

Cast - Ruhani Sharma, Vikas Vashista, Sanjay Swaroop and others

Director - Sreedhar Swaraghav

Producer - RaghuSankuratri, Deepa Sankuratri

Banner - Double Up Media

Music - Pavan

Ruhani Sharma donned the role of a police officer. The investigative crime thriller Her: Chapter 1 is helmed by Sreedhar Swaraghav. The film’s trailer raises interest. Will the movie live up to the expectations?


After a 6 months suspension, ACP Archana Prasad (Ruhani Sharma) returns to work. She takes charge of the case of a twin murder – Swathi, Vishal. As the case is investigated, links to Keshav (a terrorist who supplies weapons) emerge. Archana also has a personal loss as she loses her boyfriend Sesh in a shootout in the past. This has a connection to a weapon used in double murder. Archana is chasing the mastermind behind the double murders and NIA is also chasing it for the other reason. Will Archana crack the case? Will she nab Keshav? Will Archana fulfill her dream to join the NIA? The Her: Chapter 1 attempts to answer these questions.


Investigation Portions
Mild Humour


Unwanted Drama
Repetitive & Dragged Scenes


Investigative crime thrillers need to be gripping and intriguing to hold the curiosity till the end. Otherwise, they end up boring owing to predictability. Her: Chapter 1 takes off on a decent note. It starts with the twin murders. The motive behind the murders of Swathi and Vishal raise curiosity and the mastermind behind them is suspense. As the investigation goes on, it unearths some unexpected facts and brings in new suspects. Chapter 1 deals with suspects, their motives, evidence (footage) and clues to nab the culprits.

It has some moments that work here and there. But it couldn’t hold one’s interest thoroughly. Post-interval, the film’s narration gets slow and scenes get repetitive as the protagonist recollects the order of investigation. There is unwanted drama that puts one off. The scenes are stretched out. Director Sreedhar elaborates much even when it is not required. Attention to detailing is good. But over-detailing and attention to unwanted details just tests the patience of viewers.

The good part of the film is that the story takes the center stage and all the characters are driven accordingly. Performances-wise, Ruhani does a decent job. Vikas Vashista doesn’t get a notable role. His character is restricted for the past mission. Inspector Kapil evokes a few laughs. He brings cheers even in serious portions and this is fun-banter worked. The film needs better writing in taking forward the story. The scenes lack depth.

The major problem is no establishment about villain Keshav. Also, the characters of Swati and Vishal lack enough gravity. This may disconnect the audience from the proceedings as one won’t take their murders seriously. So it is about Keshav and why he should be arrested. The NIA angle is just a filler and it has nothing much to offer. On the whole, Her: Chapter 1 isn’t a gripping crime saga. It leaves us asking for more thrills. Chapter 1 is dull and draggy.

Verdict: Boring Chapter

Rating: 2/5