Naidu’s comments on KCR and Jagan!

Former CM Chandrababu Naidu led TDP government should get a chunk of credit for Hyderabad development. Often Chandrababu repeats with pride that he put Hyderabad on the world map and it’s his vision that led to get global recognition for the city of pearls. Chandrababu made similar comments but with a catch. Naidu showered compliments on Telangana CM KCR and slammed AP CM YS Jagan.

Going into the story, the other day Chandrababu met Telangana TDP leaders and discussed ways to strengthen the sinking party. In this order, Chandrababu raked up the developmental activities when he was the CM of erstwhile AP.

“The policies that were implemented in my tenure have led to remarkable development in the Commonwealth. I feel immensely satisfied that the successive CMs did not disturb the development and in fact ensured further progress which is why Telangana has achieved a lot of progress over the past seven years,” said Chandrababu.

The TDP chief’s comments suggest that he appreciated the work of late YSR and current Telangana CM KCR indirectly. Categorically Chandrababu commented that the development that has been taking place since the formation of Telangana as a separate state in particular has sprouted in his regime.

But Chandrababu is upset that the same did not translate in AP. Post bifurcation, Chandrababu was the first CM of the residual state and the development that took place in the previous government is being destroyed by current CM Jagan.

Chandrababu said that the development in AP has been hampered so it has reached a stalemate. Experts say that the TDP chief is very hurt in the case of Amaravati capital. The ‘Three Capitals’ brought by CM Jagan is being severely opposed by TDP and Chandrababu in particular.

On the whole Naidu was all praise of KCR while fully exposing Jagan’s failures.