No Regrets, Pawan Ready To Fail Again

Power Star Pawan Kalyan turned Jana Senani for the welfare of the public in Andhra Pradesh. With the Janasena party, Pawan Kalyan wants to come to power and develop the state. Pawan worked extremely hard to make the lives of people better by forming an alliance with TDP and BJP. Unfortunately, nothing worked out. Pawan Kalyan and his party contested in elections last time, but the actor lost in both the constituencies where he stood. Still, Pawan has no regrets.

Currently, Pawan Kalyan is touring in Andhra Pradesh and meeting a lot of people, to strengthen his party ahead of the upcoming general elections. In one of his interactions, Pawan revealed that the best ever decision he made in life was to enter politics.

“I can tell this without any regrets to stand in the same position that I am currently in again. I was hurt and failed. But I don’t have regrets. I am ready to fail again. If there is anything worthful in my life, that is me entering politics,” said Pawan Kalyan.

Janasena party is slowly emerging in Andhra Pradesh, but we have to see if the party can withstand the domination of the ruling party YSRCP and the opposition party, TDP.