Pawan Wants YSRCP ‘Duck Out’ In East Godavari

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has appealed to the party leaders and cadre to ensure YCP should be swept away from the East Godavari district. Pawan was in Bhimavaram and he invited fresh faces into the party.

“By all means Jana Sena should whitewash the East Godavari district especially in Kakinada, Jana Sena flag should fly high. YCP should not win even a single Assembly constituency and you know why, I’m being so stubborn on this,” stated Pawan Kalyan. He went on to say that the YCP government is intentionally filing fake cases against Jana Sena leaders who are agitating against anti-public policies.

Inviting Thota Sudheer into the party, Pawan added that Sudheer is someone who has knowledge on policies and reforms which can bring a drastic change in governance. “I share close association with Sudheer and he is someone who wishes the best for the party and Jana Sena needs such leaders who are selfless,” said Pawan.

The statement from Pawan is a big one but is Jana Sena strong enough to compete with YCP in East Godavari. Given the significance the Godavari districts play a pivotal role in government formations, Pawan needs to do extensive work and announce candidates in advance so that the public can get familiar with them.

Pawan added that he would once again visit East and West Godavari districts and that sums up that he is fully focusing on these places which can make or break a party’s chances.