Political Talk: Pawan Outshines CBN & Lokesh!

Pawan Kalyan unleashed an all-round attack against Jagan government. His severe allegations against the grama volunteers turned out to be a huge headache for the YSRCP. Even as it initially looked like Pawan did a mistake, the manner in which it is turning out comes as a shocker to the higher-ups of the ruling party. In fact, opposition TDP is also shocked with the way Pawan is aggressively going into the people.

Pawan is going into the masses like never before. He has an added advantage as a movie star and cinema glamour definitely puts his comments on the headlines. His speeches are going viral on YouTube and other social media platforms. This is certainly a big challenge to the principal opposition TDP as well as it is lagging behind.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu or general secretary Nara Lokesh are not as aggressive as Pawan in terms of the political speeches against CM Jagan and his government. Though Lokesh’s Yuvagalam gaining popularity day after day, it’s not gaining mass appeal like Vaarahi yatra. Slowly, Pawan is emerging as a mass leader. On the other hand, the ruling party giving more importance to Pawan allegations. Already, they had targeted Pawan over his marriages and also alleging him as “Package Star”.

This is where Pawan is throwing salvo after salvo against the ruling party. In one stroke, Pawan has put a check to all his opponents and political bete noires.