Panchakacharla, An Another Rapaka For Pawan?

Political defections have become a common trend, especially during elections, as leaders aim to secure or retain their positions. Vizag’s Panchakarla Ramesh Babu finds himself in a similar situation. Having recently resigned from YCP, Panchakarla is now eyeing a potential move to Jana Sena. However, doubts linger among the public regarding his unconditional commitment to the party.

There are several factors contributing to the skepticism. Panchakarla, a senior politician hailing from the influential Kapu community, holds sway over voters. He previously contested and won as a candidate of the Praja Rajyam Party in the Pendurthi constituency. However, his attempt to secure a ticket from Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in 2014 following the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh proved unsuccessful. Disappointed, he switched to YCP after receiving confirmation on the B-form. Unexpectedly, YCP overlooked him in 2019, leading to a belated return to TDP. However, his re-entry into YCP was primarily driven by his business interests.

While Panchakarla maintained his position within YCP, his determination to contest the upcoming elections faced a setback upon learning that YCP plans to retain Ramana Murthy, with AP IT Minister Gudivada Amarnath eyeing the Pendurthi seat. Faced with formidable competition, Panchakarla lost hope within YCP and decided to leave the party for his political future.

Despite Panchakarla’s claim of not seeking a ticket in the upcoming elections, his history of party-switching suggests a different story. Speculation also circulates within Jana Sena that Panchakarla Ramesh Babu may be joining the party solely for the valuable B-form, essential for electoral participation.

The question remains whether Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Jana Sena, will field Panchakarla from Pendurthi. The significant Kapu community vote bank may exert pressure on Pawan, but the lingering concern is whether Panchakarla would remain loyal to Jana Sena if the party fails to secure victory while YCP retains power.

Given the previous episode involving Razole MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad, who switched his allegiance to AP CM YS Jagan, Jana Sena is cautious about welcoming leaders prone to shifting loyalties. Pawan must carefully consider the intentions and commitment of potential party members, ensuring their selfless dedication to serving the party.

Ultimately, the decision lies with Pawan Kalyan, and his choices will shape the future of Jana Sena.