Corona is not a regular fever: Pawan Pinches Jagan!

Yesterday speaking to the media, AP CM YS Jagan stated that Corona is a regular fever sort but needs special medical attention and his government is committed to fight against it. The comment of ‘Regular Fever’ invited criticism from all corners.

Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan too reacted on it but nowhere he neither taken out AP CM Jagan’s name nor his comment. Taking to this Twitter handle, Pawan shared a link of an article published by Science News handle which in its study said that patients who have recovered from Corona virus may suffer long term lungs issue.

Retweeting this, Pawan tweeted, “COVID-19 (Corona) it’s not just a regular fever as we all might think; case studies in China, revealing, considerable lung damage is being caused to COVID- 19 patients, according to @ScienceNews. Please check.”

Not just this, there are many reports the even if a person recovers from Corona, his/her life expectancy is set to reduce which is seriously a concern. Until the vaccine is out, Corona still posed a huge threat to the humanity.