Sonia Uninterested in Sharmila’s Demands?

YSRTP President YS Sharmila recently paid a visit to Delhi. Accompanied by her husband, evangelist Anil Kumar, she held a 45-minute meeting with Congress chief Sonia at her residence.

The conversation encompassed Telangana politics, particularly focusing on the potential merger of YSRTP. Sources reveal that Sharmila reiterated her previous demands to Sonia.

Along with seeking a ticket for Paleru, she emphasized the importance of issuing tickets to 15 individuals from her team. Moreover, speculation is rife in Delhi circles that Sharmila is steadfastly vying for the Deputy Chief Minister post.

Nevertheless, it’s noted that Sonia responded with a measured approach. The discussions regarding positions, as per insiders, will be deliberated and determined after the elections.

The central topic revolved around the party’s merger and how best to harness Sharmila’s capabilities. YS Charisma was another subject of Sonia’s inquiry. However, before Sharmila’s insistence, some reports suggest that Sonia exhibited a hint of impatience.

Observers assert that if Sharmila’s stance doesn’t persist at this juncture, it might signal her disinterest in future endeavors. The unfolding events remain intriguing, with the ultimate outcome yet to be revealed.