Don’t Downplay The Alliance: Pawan Kalyan To Janasainiks

Pawan Kalyan’s announcement of the Janasena – TDP alliance shocked the political circles. Though the two political outfits are much anticipated to be joining forces to oppose the YSRC in the coming general elections, Pawan Kalyan’s sudden announcement was not expected this soon.

Meanwhile, like always there is a section of supporters in Janasena and also TDP who expressed their dissatisfaction with the formed alliance. Mainly, some Janasainiks on social media expressed their angst on Pawan Kalyan shaking hands with TDP rather than going all by itself in the upcoming polls.

Their opinion is it is high time Janasena emerged as a strong contender to TDP and YSRC but instead, their leader chose to walk hand in hand with TDP. This sort of alliance would never prove the caliber of Janasena apart from creating unwanted confusion among the cadre each time.

The Janasainiks’ anguish reached Pawan Kalyan and he asked them not to belittle or criticize the alliance. He made it clear that no supporter should make comments that deprecates the alliance

Pawan Kalyan emphasized that TDP has its own strength even though its leader is in jail today. Also mentioning the fighting spirit of youth and women under strong leadership is the strength of Janasena, Pawan Kalyan gave a ‘Hukum’ to the supporters not to downplay the alliance.