Kukatpally Talk: BJP To Vote BRS, Not Janasena!

In Telangana, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is contesting a meagre 8 Assembly constituencies. This is part of the alliance with the BJP. However, in all these constituencies, Janasena contestants are facing a tough situation as the ally BJP may not transfer its votes to Janasena candidates. Several BJP leaders and cadre are rather supporting the local BRS candidates. Inside buzz is BJP wants to stop the Congress rise in Telangana. In order to favour this, BJP leaders are reportedly having a secret pact with the BRS candidates.

In the Kukatpally Assembly constituency, BJP leaders are keen to support the BRS candidate and sitting MLA Arekapudi Gandhi. In many other constituencies, a similar situation is visible. Now, Janasena candidates are worried about this cross-voting.

In Telangana, it is a triangular fight between the ruling BRS, the opposition Congress and the BJP. MIM has a considerable base in its turf – Old City. All these are going to play crucial factors in the coming polls. The campaigning will end on 28th November and the elections will be held on 30th November. The results will be declared on 3rd December.